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Restorative dentistry maintains, elevates the peak beauty, and health of your smile

At High Forest Dental, we plant a seed. Dr. Allison Brown and our team start with a conversation and cultivate strong, flourishing relationships with individuals and their families across the Littleton, Colorado area. Built on a solid foundation of routine re-care (dental exams and professional cleanings), we help our patients to avoid the need for restorative dentistry entirely. Or we can catch problems before they cause extensive damage, leading to more aggressive dental restorations. 

Our valued patients also have significant peace of mind as they journey with us to peak smiles and satisfaction with their restored teeth. We use high-quality materials and really listen to our patients. So, we know what they want. This all adds up to treatments that support lasting, natural function, beautiful aesthetics, and a one-of-a-kind smile. We can even re-make an entire tooth from the root upward with advanced treatment options (like implants) — in the event that Dr. Brown cannot save an infected tooth with root canal therapy. 

Here are a few pointers on what to expect and what is available at our practice, where modern techniques and treatments meet timeless and authentic caring: 

  • Dental restorations generally refer to materials like composite resin or ceramics, which are prepared, shaped, and applied to rebuild a part of a damaged tooth.
  • Restorative options broadly range from “simple” fillings to repair cavities to inlays, onlays (partial crowns), and full crowns for larger cavities and more extensive damage to a tooth.
  • Procedures such as bonding and veneers generally fall under the “cosmetic dentistry category.” While they are designed to replace damaged enamel and can help strengthen a weak tooth, such treatments are primarily recommended to improve the smile’s aesthetics. They are applied to cover up gaps between teeth or other imperfections (like chipped tooth enamel, stubbornly stained or discolored teeth, and small fractures).
  • Bridges and partial and complete dentures also restore the teeth’ aesthetics, function, structure, and strength. These options, however, fall under the “tooth replacement” category. They are prepared and secured to replace one tooth, a few or many teeth, or all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw(s). Replacement teeth in a bridge are anchored in place by neighboring crowned teeth. In contrast, dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums that attach to either remaining teeth or are held in place by natural suction and denture adhesive products. 
  • Dr. Brown may even replace the part of the tooth that is in the jaw: the root. Implant crowns, bridges, or dentures replace both the roots and visible parts of the teeth. In turn, they are the next closest thing to natural teeth. The prosthesis is connected to the implant, which is placed in the jawbone and naturally joins to the bony tissue. Once integrated into the jaw, the implant functions like a tooth root to hold the crown, bridge, or denture in place. 

At High Forest Dental, restorations such as crowns may even be made in-house while you wait and in just one visit. We use the CEREC system to design, fabricate, adjust, and cement crowns in place. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our capabilities, too. Dr. Brown is also adept at restoring the health of the gums with periodontal therapy and restoring healthy breathing and restful sleep with oral appliance therapies. Call (303) 951-3717 to find out more and to schedule your appointment at our office in Littleton, CO.