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Root Canal Therapy

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Advantages of Choosing Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is generally the last resort to save a severely damaged or infected tooth. Otherwise, your tooth may need to be extracted. If your tooth is salvageable, your Littleton, Colorado dentist will more likely recommend endodontic treatment to save it from extraction. Root canal therapy from High Forest Dental is safe, effective, and pain-free due to the use of anesthesia for this procedure. You may experience less discomfort and pain from undergoing a root canal than recovering from tooth extraction.

What Root Canal Entails

You may need root canal therapy if an oral infection has penetrated the pulp chamber of your tooth and damaged the blood vessels and nerves. Damage to the nerves of your tooth can cause extensive pain. Damage to blood vessels can cut off your tooth’s blood supply, causing it to die. Root canal therapy entails removing the infected pulp and cleaning and disinfecting the chamber and canals to stop the spread of the infection. Once these areas are cleansed, we will fill your tooth with gutta-percha material to seal it from future infection. Afterward, we’ll cover your tooth with a dental crown to reinforce its weakened structure and restore its usefulness.

Advantages of Choosing Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment helps repair, restore, and save natural teeth to avoid extraction. Keeping natural teeth saves you the expense of replacing them with prosthetics in the future. There are more significant advantages to saving natural teeth than having them extracted. Through endodontic treatment, your Littleton dentist can:

  • Preserve the beauty of your smile
  • Restore the health and function of decayed teeth
  • Protect healthy teeth from infection
  • Promote good oral health
  • Save you money on extraction and tooth replacement costs

Root Canal Therapy Cost

The cost of endodontic treatment will vary depending on the particulars of your treatment. Fortunately, dental insurance can help cover the cost of this procedure. We also offer payment options to put this treatment within our patients’ financial means.

To schedule a consultation for root canal therapy in Littleton, CO, contact Dr. Allison Brown from High Forest Dental at (303) 951-3717