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Improve Your Oral Function and Quality of Life with Premium Dentures

Are you tired of hiding your smile because of missing teeth? Imagine a world where you can smile, eat, and speak confidently once again. Welcome to the incredible world of dentures — a versatile teeth replacement option to restore your smile’s function and beauty without breaking the bank. 

Are you ready for dentures in Littleton, Colorado? Whether you’ve lost a few teeth or need a complete set, dentures from High Forest Dental are the gateway to reclaiming the joy of a beautiful, full smile. Dr. Allison Brown and the team offer high-quality dentures that provide life-changing benefits.

Change your smile and life with our denture options

In a world where image holds the power to brighter lives, the importance of a beautiful smile can’t be overstated. So, if you have missing teeth, dentures present a worthwhile option to reclaim a winning smile. Dentures are dental prosthetics fabricated to replace missing teeth and are secured by the soft and hard tissues in the mouth.

Dentures come in many sizes and shapes to meet numerous needs. These are the denture types you can enjoy in our office. 

  • Complete dentures: Our dental team uses full dentures to restore your smile if you have lost all teeth in an arch. Complete dentures consist of life-like artificial teeth secured on a gum-colored base. Complete dentures are secured in place with suction or dental adhesives, although you can opt for implant dentures for added stability. Our full dentures are expertly made to provide optimum function, comfort, and aesthetics. 
  • Partial dentures: You don’t need a complete set of dentures when you have lost one or more teeth in a row. A partial denture rests on the space without teeth and is anchored with metalwork attached to the surrounding teeth. We offer removable partial dentures that give you the freedom to take them out for easier cleaning. 

Dentures that look and function like natural teeth

Fabricating high-quality dentures requires patience, expertise, and attention to detail. We ensure your dentures are done right by taking impressions of your mouth. We take details of your teeth, gums, and other mouth tissues to ensure your dentures mimic your natural dentition as closely as possible. Our dentures are also made from professional-grade materials for durability and natural-looking results. We meticulously make our dentures to fit, feel, and look like the teeth you just lost. 

Dentures specialist near me

From restoring oral function to boosting self-confidence, dentures aren’t just dental restorations but a gateway to rediscovering life’s most cherished moments. Are you ready to restore your smile with dentures in Littleton, CO? To schedule a consultation with High Forest Dental, call (303) 951-3717 to speak with our team.