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What Dental Problems Can Be Treated with Laser Dentistry?

Due to advances in modern dentistry, you can have smoother, stress-free treatments. Among these advances is dental laser technology. Laser dentistry can be used to treat several dental issues ranging from cavities to gum disease. Lasers can often simplify dental procedures, making your treatment easier to endure. At High Forest Dental, Dr. Allison Brown and our team use laser dentistry in our Littleton, Colorado, dental clinic to ensure our patients have a comfortable experience.

How Lasers Fit into Dentistry

Lasers are devices that deliver energy in the form of beams of light. In dentistry, lasers can be used as surgical instruments to reshape gum tissue or as vaporizers to remove unhealthy tissue in order to treat a dental condition.  

Other dental laser treatment options include:

  • Laser teeth cleaning
  • Laser teeth whitening (the heat emitted from a laser helps activate bleaching agents to enhance their effects)
  • Laser-assisted bacterial reductions (eliminating harmful bacteria from your teeth during a cleaning or when treating gum disease)
  • Gingivectomy (a procedure where a laser is used to remove infected gum tissue in or around your teeth to treat periodontal disease)
  • Biopsy (removal of oral tissue to be examined in a lab for oral cancer)
  • Lesion removal and canker sores pain relief
  • Accelerate cold sore healing
  • Frenectomies (a procedure that releases a tight lip or tongue tie)

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of laser dentistry are many and varied, including: 

  • Less pain and discomfort during major dental treatments, reducing your need for anesthesia
  • Less bleeding, as lasers help coagulate blood, which, in turn, reduces bleeding
  • More precise treatments, as lasers provide greater accuracy in removing damaged tissue without impacting adjacent healthy tissues
  • Quicker healing times as lasers sterilize your wound during treatment, reducing your risk of infection
  • Reduced stress and anxiety as lasers don’t emit a loud noise like a drill, which often triggers anxiety and fear 

Laser Dentistry Near Me

If you’d like to learn more about our laser dental treatments, contact Dr. Allison Brown at High Forest Dental, Littleton, CO, at (303) 951-3717.